G'huuni dead 8/8 - Uldir cleared!



  • Uldir

    8 / 8

  • Taloc




  • Fetid Devourer


  • Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth


  • Vectis


  • Zul, Reborn


  • Mythrax the Unraveler


  • G'huun


Mythrax down, 7/8M!

Zul down, 6/8M!

Apparently it's really good to have a rogue or two for this boss

Fetid down, 5/8M!

Vectis down, 4/8M!

Argus dead, Legion is over!

Finally, FINALLY, Argus has fallen. It may have taken bit longer than expected, but after all the struggle and some stressful nights, he crumbled. Proud of every single raider that participated on this boss, even if they weren't on the kill, and special thanks to people that were keeping the raid atmosphere up in hardest of the moments.

Aggramar down, 10/11M!

Finally something challenging in this raid. After 95 wipes, flameboi got defeated. There is one more boss standing in front of us, and that's Argus himself. Let's see how long will he last!

Kin'Garoth down, 7/11M!

Boom boom

Imonar down, 6/11M!

As long as you don't put your fellow melee players asleep with canisters and your tanks aren't in a wheelchair, it's an easy boss. Onwards to Kin'Garoth now!

Eonar defended, 5/11M!

Fuck this boss, seriously.

Portal Keeper down, 4/11M!

"Ooogh, I fucked up" - Gort 2017

Antoran High Command down, 3/11M!

Command has been conquered in 2 pulls, another easy boss!